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  • Immediate product availability &
    outstanding customer commitment

    SMG's immediate access to huge stockpiles of magnetite and our customer-oriented staff are great reasons to give us a call right now: (575) 912-5058!

    Whatever your need or industry, we'll find a magnetite product and delivery option to meet your needs and budget.

our history

Southern Minerals Group LLC: High-capacity magnetite supplier for North America.

Southern Minerals Group, based in Hanover, New Mexico, has huge on-hand reserves of magnetite, well placed for immediate delivery, including LTL shipment. Formed in 2010, Southern Minerals Group is a reliable high-capacity supplier of magnetite to industries throughout North America, including businesses in these markets:

  • Cement
  • Fertilizer
  • Dense media/medium
  • Paint pigment
  • Water jet cutting
  • Ballast
  • Magnets
  • Toner
  • Coal cleaning
  • Landscaping


Clean, dry magnetite in bulk for industries

  • Magnetite is a naturally occurring oxide of iron, and is one of the main source of iron ore after hematite. Its chemical composition is Fe3O4;
  • Southern Minerals Group has immediate access to huge reserves of premium magnetite ore produced, crushed and magnetically filtered in a copper mining process;
  • In addition to steel production, other uses of magnetite include coal washing, water filtration and the production of heavy concrete;
  • Magnetite is often associated with copper and gold rich ores, and liberated magnetite can be found in existing tailings storage facilities such as the SMG's stockpile in New Mexico.